Process & system at valdel ec
Process & system at valdel ec

Process & system at valdel ec

Valdel EC Processes and Systems enhances Project Execution

VEC develops and implements proven processes and systems to execute some of the world's most complex projects. Founding a higher level of quality assurance, these processes and systems are integrated on projects by VEC teams in our global offices and on project sites.

VEC designs and sets up proven processes and systems to implement some of the world’s most complicated projects. Our team in the global offices and project sites integrates the ideal processes and systems in the projects.

Project Management – Developing execution plans, detailed schedules, cost forecasts,progress tracking and reporting are undertaken by VEC project management team.

Project Execution Systems – Business development and project execution begins with a clear understanding of VEC's Operating Systems Requirements (OSR). Operating System Implementation Plans are developed by each Business Line within Valdel to further describing the OSR implementation within the individual business segment.

Business Systems – VEC through its business journey has developed several proprietary business tools and commercial software applications that assist the efficient execution of projects. These include applications for use in project management, project controls, engineering, design, material management, contracting, fabrication, construction and knowledge management.

Tools – Proven tools are used by VEC to manage and execute every project. Risk assessments are vital on all projects as a method for developing the assessments and risk mitigation plans.

VEC’s Project Execution Plan is the primary tool used for each project. All requirements and plans for successful and safe completion of a project, on schedule and within budget is listed in the document. Other tools utilized by VEC are procedures, quality and Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) manuals, along with numerous checklists for each discipline involved.

Local Knowledge – VED is obliged to the local regulations, workforce requirements and cultural perspectives. Our global knowledge base complies with national and regional laws and regulations.

Compliant Delivery – VED is strictly follows international export and import compliance laws and regulations. We have set up a compliance organization, project procurement and logistics dedicated to daily supply-chain transactions.

Continuous Learning Environment – VEC knowledge management system, enables us to share and apply our collective expertise 24/7.

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