Valdel EC

Off Gas Cracker Plant Compressors

Off Gas Cracker Plant Compressors

Owner Reliance Industries Limited
Client RS Associates (Principal: ELLIOTT-EBARA)
Location Jamnagar Gujarat/India

Project Description

M/s Reliance Industries Limited is setting up an Off Gas Cracker plant as part of its main refinery expansion in Jamnagar, Gujarat. EETC (Elliot Ebara TurbCorporation) has been awarded for engineering and supply of 6 compressor packages with auxiliaries. M/s RSA-Valdel is been awarded detail engineering of these compressors. The 6 compressors being

  • ERC: Ethylene refrigerant compressor
  • PRC: Propylene refrigerant compressor
  • CGC: Cracked Gas Compressor
  • H2GC: Hydrogen Gas Compressor
  • UGC: Unsaturated Gas Compressor
  • TGC: Tail Gas Compressor

M/s Technip is the Engineering contractor for Off Gas Cracker unit

Scope of Work

Engineering Services related to Piping & Stress Analysis for Compressor Package & its related accessories.

Design and 3D PDS modeling of piping (including pipe support design). Valdel scope included extraction of isometrics, piping arrangements, B/L interface drawings, Platform cut out drawings & IBR documentation.

1060 Isometrics

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