Valdel EC

Mangala Intrafield

Mangala Intrafield

Owner CAIRN India Limited
Client Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited
Location Barmer, Rajasthan

Project Description

Augmentation of production from existing well pads at Mangala involving addition in network of Intrafield Production Fluid, Power Fluid & Injection Water pipelines. The project involves design and installation of new Pipelines with sizes varying from 12" to 30”, and pipeline lengths varying from 2 to 8 Km's, along with a few branch (loop) lines, connecting well Pads and MPT terminal with overall length ~42 Km.

Scope of Work

Multi‚Äźdiscipline detail engineering in Pipeline, Mechanical, Piping, Stress, Civil / structural, Electrical and Instrumentation.

Technical assistance for procurement

Steady State Hydraulics & Thermal analysis for Production fluid pipeline using OLGA, State Hydraulics & Thermal analysis for Water injection pipeline using PIPESIM, Pressure Surge analysis for Water Injection pipeline using PIPENET and Steady state analysis for Power fluid using PIPENET.

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